American Library Association Defends Occupy Wall Street Library

Jason Boog | November 18, 2011

American Library Association (ALA) president Molly Raphael has voiced support for the Occupy Wall Street library, writing: “The very existence of the People’s Library demonstrates that libraries are an organic part of all communities.”

Below, we’ve reprinted her entire statement. In addition, Common Cause president Bob Edgar urged the city to help the library: “To the extent that the books lost can be accounted for, the city should replace each title, buying two new copies for each one destroyed … And for whatever number is unaccounted for, the city should provide Occupy’s librarians with funds sufficient to buy twice as many.”

After being evicted twice from Zuccotti Park this week, the People’s Library librarians took the books around the city in carts.

ALA President Molly Raphael’s Statement on the Occupy Wall Street Library…

View entire article including Raphael’s statement

Occupy Wall Street Library website

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